Ken & Boris in 'furious row'

London mayoral candidates Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson have been involved in a furious row in a lift following a debate.

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Ken offers Boris an olive branch after mayoral dispute

Mr Livingstone later offered an olive branch to Mr Johnson by closing an attack website aimed at the Mayor as he warned the election race was getting "out of hand". He said:

"Those of us who are leading candidates in this election have a duty to the electorate to rein it in and direct it to the issues at stake for Londoners.

"I suggest to Boris Johnson therefore that he and I work together to raise the tone and spirit of this election."

Ken 'knows he's not telling the truth'

Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson at loggerheads over London mayoral position Credit: ITV News

A spokesman for Boris Johnson has said: "Boris Johnson has repeatedly made clear he pays all taxes in full. Ken Livingstone knows this because he has been personally told by Boris Johnson during a private conversation at a business hustings just two weeks ago.

“Mr Livingstone repeated these false claims today, knowing full well they are not true, in a desperate attempt to avoid answering serious questions over his own tax affairs".



Boris and Ken clash over tax

London Mayor Boris Johnson and his rival Ken Livingston during a radio debate Credit: PA

Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson clashed furiously over their tax arrangements in the first live debate ahead of the mayoral elections.

Mr Johnson denied suggestions he had used a company to channel his media earnings to avoid paying income tax - a claim that he has levelled at his Labour opponent.

Mr Livingstone accused the mayor of having "the same arrangements" for dealing with his media earnings as he had, insisting he had used a company called Finland Station.

Mr Johnson called the claim "lies", adding: "I have never used a company to minimise my tax.

"There was a TV production company which I was briefly a director of but I certainly never ... I have always paid full income tax."

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