Tony Blair: 'We should keep all options open' on Syria

The former Prime Minister and now Middle East envoy Tony Blair has told ITV News presenter Mark Austin that Britain should “keep all the options open” when it comes to dealing with the crisis in Syria - and potentially intervening in the conflict.

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Gen Sir Mike Jackson: Syria worse than Libya

General Sir Mike Jackson, former head of the British Army, told ITV News that the situation in Syria is "worse or at least as bad as Libya".

In response to Tony Blair's comment to ITV News that "all options should remain open" in Syria, he said:

There is nothing I would take exception to. A decision to do nothing is a decision and it is a course of action.

Syria is worse or at least as bad as Libya was when Nato action was taken."

– General Sir Mike Jackson


US Ambassador to UN: Will judge Syria by deeds, not words


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