Swimmer charged over Boat Race

The swimmer who forced the 158th boat race to be restarted has been charged with a public order offence. Oxford, who were leading before the interruption, went on to lose an oar and ultimately the race.

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Oxford rower's message to Trenton Oldfield: 'You are a mockery of a man'

Yesterday Oxford rower William Zeng wrote on Twitter:

"When I missed your head with my blade I knew only that you were a swimmer, and if you say you are a protester then, no matter what you say your cause may be, your action speaks too loudly for me to hear you.

"I know, with immediate emotion, exactly what you you were protesting. You were protesting the right of seventeen young men and one woman to compete fairly and honorably, to demonstrate their hard work and desire in a proud tradition.

"You were protesting their right to devote years of their lives, their friendships, and their souls to the fair pursuit of the joys and the hardships of sport.

"You, who would make a mockery of their dedication and their courage, are a mockery of a man."

Boat race swimmer defends his actions


'Boat Race highlights importance of Olympic security'

Lord Colin Moynihan, a former British Olympic coxswain and a current director of LOCOG, has told BBC Radio 5 Live that Saturday's Boat Race highlights the importance of security at the London Olympic Games.

It is so important to work closely with the police and security services to put in place every possible measure to protect the athletes...In many ways that is the biggest ask of the Games this summer.


Oxford rower Alex Woods 'set to make full recovery'

Boat Race organisers Boat Race Company Limited have released an updated statement:

First and foremost, we are delighted that the Oxford Bowman Alex Woods is in a stable condition and looks set to make a full recovery.

It is very sad that the 158th Boat Race, which was heading towards a thrilling finale, was disrupted by a member of the public in a manner that risked serious injury to himself and the competing crews.

These incidents are planned for and we would like to congratulate both crews and The Race Umpire for their speed and professionalism in unfortunate circumstances as a result of which the protestor suffered no injuries.

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