UN observers begin Syria work

UN observers have begun to monitor events in Syria amid reports that the violence there continues.

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Doubt cast on plans to expand team of observers in Syria

Sporadic violence across Syria casts doubt over UN plans to expand a team of observers to the country, US envoy to the UN Susan Rice said.

The US Ambassador said the continued violence, in violation of a ceasefire, was "gravely concerning".

She said:

"Should the violence persist and the ceasefire, or cessation of violence more aptly, not hold, that ... will call into question the wisdom and the viability of sending in the full monitoring presence."

'Shelling in Homs as observers arrive'

Videos purporting to show shelling in Homs earlier today have been posted on social media websites on the same day as UN observers arrive in Syria to monitor the ceasefire. The videos claim to show the neighbourhoods of Juret al Shayah and al-Karabees.

ITV News cannot independently verify the veracity of the footage or the date it was shot.


Syria claims increased 'terrorist groups' since ceasefire

Syria said it would stop what it called "terrorist groups" from continuing criminal acts, state TV quoted a security source as saying, casting further doubt on whether the ceasefire would hold.

The Syrian state news agency SANA said:

(Security forces), based on their duty to protect civilians and the country, will stop terrorist groups from continuing their criminals acts and the killing of civilians.

Since the announcement of an end to military operations, terrorist attacks have increased by dozens, causing a large loss of life.

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