Hamza bid to avoid extradition

Radical cleric Abu Hamza has launched a last-minute High Court challenge to try and avoid extradition to the United States.

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Hamza can be extradited to US, court rules

The European Court of Human Rights have ruled on the extradition of Abu Hamza (above) and five other British nationals

Human rights judges have ruled that radical preacher Abu Hamza and four other British nationals can be extradited to the US.

One case was adjourned.

It is believed the five men could appeal the decision to the Grand Chamber at The European Court of Human Rights.

Tory MP: 'Worst of all worlds' if court rules out extradition

Conservative MP Dominic Raab, who sits on the Joint Committee on Human Rights in Parliament, said Britain faced the "worst of all worlds" if the European Court of Human Rights rules out the extradition of six men later.

There are six applicants and multiple claims... If that is upheld, that they can't be extradited because they might face life imprisonment in the 'supermax' prison in Colorado, we've got rather a perverse situation.

On the one hand, our blunt extradition rules which don't protect the innocent from being extradited in the first place. On the other hand, you've got European human rights law protecting serious terrorist players like Abu Hamza on the basis that, even if convicted fairly, they would face life imprisonment under pretty tough conditions.

To my mind, that's the worst of all worlds."

– Dominic Raab MP speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today programme


Judges to rule on six extradition cases

Among those facing extradition alongside Abu Hamza is Babar Ahmad, a 36-year-old computer expert who has been in a UK prison without trial for nearly eight years. He has been refused bail since his arrest in August 2004 on a US extradition warrant.

The fate of four other British nationals wanted in the US - Haroon Rashid Aswat, Seyla Talha Ahsan, Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled Al-Fawwaz - is also being decided by the human rights court.

All six have been indicted on various charges of alleged terrorism in America and argue that, if extradited and convicted in America, their conditions of detention if held at one of the country's so-called "supermax" prisons would amount to ill-treatment under Article 3 of the Human Rights code.

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