Karzai blasts Nato 'failure'

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said a "failure" by intelligence services, including Nato, was partly to blame for the weekend's Taliban attacks on Kabul.

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US Defence: 'Intelligence indicated planned attacks were to take place in Kabul'

US Defence Chiefs have said intelligence reports indicated that the Haqqani Network were planning a high - profile attack in Afghanistan. However, there were no indications that recent attacks in Kabul originated in Pakistan.

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta told reporters that the attacks that began on Sunday, reflected the resilience of the Taliban and associated militants such as the Haqqanis.

Clinton: US and Pakistan need to 'share responsibility to confront terrorists'

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has spoken to Pakistan's Foreign Minister about Sunday's attacks in Afghanistan, and stressed their shared responsibility to "confront terrorists", in a statement.

Clinton also discussed the "next steps in the US-Pakistani dialogue" following the conclusion of a Pakistani parliamentary review, US State Department Victoria Nuland said.


Karzai condemns Afghan attacks

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Credit: REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

The Afghan President Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned Sunday's attacks in Kabul and three other regions of Afghanistan.

He added that the response showed that Afghan security forces are capable of defending their country, although he said it was a "failure" by intelligence services, especially Nato.


'Efforts to protect civilians slowed military response'

The Afghan Interior Minister has said that the reason it took 18 hours to defeat the insurgents was because Afghan forces were trying to ensure the safety of civilians. An interior ministry spokesman said earlier that no civilians died in the attacks, but nine were injured.

Afghan security forces were protecting the civilians in busy areas amid a lot of residences where the attacks took place.

– Bismillah Mohammadi, Afghan Interior Minister

Nato pays tribute to Afghan security forces

Nato's senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, Ambassador Sir Simon Gass, has said that Afghan security and intelligence forces dealt with the coordinated attacks well, despite the fact that it took 18 hours for the insurgents to be killed or captured. He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

It's always easy to criticise intelligence when they fail to stop an attack but we have to remember that they do actually foil a large number of attacks throughout Afghanistan...The Afghan security forces actually did a very good job yesterday...The fact that there wasn't a huge loss of civilian life...is a tribute to the Afghan army and police.

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