Michael Brown extradition

The convicted fraudster and Liberal Democrat donor Michael Brown is being extradited to the UK from the Dominican Republic.

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Michael Brown to face prison sentence

Michael Brown, the multi-millionaire fraudster who is being extradited to the UK, was sentenced in absentia to seven years in jail in 2008 after he was convicted of fraud. He was accused of duping his clients out of more than £40 million.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic allowed the extradition to go ahead after alleged victims of fraud in the Dominican town of Punta Cana dropped their complaints against him.


British fraudster Michael Brown to be extradited

Authorities in the Dominican Republic said they have extradited Michael Brown - the multi-millionaire fraudster who donated £2.5 million to fund the Liberal Democrats' 2005 election campaign.

Police said he would be flown to Spain, where he will be turned over to British officials. Brown was arrested in January in the popular Dominican tourist town of Punta Cana. He had been living in the country under a different name.

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