Hodgson is new England boss

The FA has confirmed that Roy Hodgson is the new England manager. The FA Chairman David Bernstein has described him as "the outstanding candidate"

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Hodgson: 'Everyone knows' I have a difficult task ahead

New England manager Roy Hodgson says he is very happy and very proud of his new role. He pledged to do his "very best" to make sure the team would be ready for Euro 2012.

Hodgson did admit his new role would not be easy and that it was crucial for the country to get behind the team, and the team to get behind him.

He will announce his new squad after the last game of the season.

Hodgson was 'the stand-out candidate'

Roy Hodgson.
Roy Hodgson has agreed to a four year deal to become England manager. Credit: Press Association

FA Chairman David Bernstein welcomed Roy Hodgson to Wembley Stadium as he signed a four-year contract to become the new England manager.

Bernstein said the West Bromwich Albion manager was the "stand-out candidate" for the position vacated by Fabio Capello earlier last year:

“We initially put together a list of names for consideration, and over a period of time we reduced that down to a shortlist. Roy emerged as the stand-out candidate."

Wilshere: 'No reason why he can't do it'

The England and Arsenal Jack Wilshere has tweeted his support of Roy Hodgson as the new England manager:


Not many have the experience that Roy Hodgson, proved he is a top manager at international level so don't see no reason why he can't do it


For England....good choice in my opinion! Good luck and I hope I can help him in some way in the future! #3Lions #England


Football journalists' reaction to Hodgson's appointment


Not sure what to make of Hodgson 4-year deal. Stability good, but int'l mgrs tend to have limited shelf-life. 2014 opt-out clause, I suspect


#eng players must open their eyes to Roy Hodgson, a man guided by a 'light that shines within' @telegraph http://t.co/zpncPaEq


Personally think Roy's a good choice but will need time, never a commodity offered England managers.

Hodgson: 'I'm prepared for the scrutiny'


RH: 'Everybody needs to get behind the players in the tournament. It's always a job to win people over. I know and am confident that I can.'


RH: 'I'm prepared for the scrutiny. I'm concentrating on the future, not on the past.'


RH: 'I want to give England the type of success that we've wanted since 1966.'

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