Hunt under pressure again

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is again under pressure after fresh claims emerged at the Leveson Inquiry about his relationship with News International.

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Hunt 'confident' his evidence will prove he acted with 'integrity'

Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Hunt Credit: REUTERS/Olivia Harris

A spokeswoman for Jeremy Hunt said: "He is confident his evidence will vindicate the position that he has behaved with integrity on every issue.

"It has already been made clear that when Fred Michel claims to be speaking to Jeremy Hunt in emails, he is in fact referring to Adam Smith. On July 11, 2011 Jeremy Hunt wrote to Ofcom for further advice about the impact of phone hacking on the BSkyB bid."

Labour: Public will be 'disgusted' by Hunt allegations

People will be disgusted at the prospect of Jeremy Hunt and No. 10 colluding with News Corporation to avoid a public inquiry into phone hacking.

Jeremy Hunt was not on the side of victims and their families. Instead, he wanted it swept under the carpet because he was straining every sinew to support News Corporation's bid for BSkyB.

– Harriet Harman MP, Labour's Shadow Culture Secretary



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