New anti-social behaviour orders

The Home Secretary Theresa May will announce plans to replace ASBOs with a 'community trigger' to help tackle anti-social behaviour in England and Wales. She claims they will be simpler and more effective than current powers for tackling problems.

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Labour: New anti-social laws 'a weak rebrand'

The Government are weakening the powers police have to tackle antisocial behaviour. These measures are a weak rebrand, with a breach of the order not even resulting in a criminal record and the police having to fund these civil proceedings in the first place.

And people will be bemused that it will take 3 separate complaints, or 5 different households, before getting a response. All complaints should be dealt with, and quickly. People suffering from antisocial behaviour don't want to wait for the Government's proposed slow trigger.

– Gloria De Piero MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister


May to introduce 'community trigger' power

Home Secretary Theresa May

Home Secretary Theresa May will announce new plans for dealing anti-social behaviour later today. Mrs May is ditching Labour's Asbos which have been described as a badge of honour among anti-social youths by critics.

She instead plans to introduce streamlined measures designed to ensure police take incidents of low-level nuisance seriously.

Police will have to take action to tackle nuisance behaviour if five people in different homes across the same neighbourhood complain, or if one person complains on three separate occasions, under a new "community trigger" power.

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