Clegg's Greek pledge hopes

Nick Clegg has said he hopes Greece "chooses to stay in the eurozone and stick to agreements they signed up to." The German foreign minister has repeated his opposition to eurobonds to help struggling fellow member states.

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Alexander: 'No rational person wants Greece to leave Euro'

Danny Alexander has told ITV Daybreak that the situation is Greece is the most pressing facing Europe:

The situation in Greece is most pressing and worrying at the moment.

No rational person would think it would be right that Greece should come out of the Euro, that would have an effect all around the world.

What we've been doing is working very hard to encourage and press our partners in the Eurozone to take the steps that are needed to stop this crisis going on any longer.


European Commission President: 'we want Greece to remain in euro area'

The message that we send today is clear, we will stand by Greece whilst Greece stands by its commitments. There is a democratic process taking place in Greece and we respect that, lets wait for the people of Greece to have their say in June. It is important to note, the European Council sent a clear message to Greece, we want Greece to remain in euro area.

– European Commission President: Jose Manuel Barroso


Former chancellor: 'European monetary union is doomed'

Former Chancellor Lord Lawson says the single currency needs to be broken up to create a healthy European economy. Speaking to the House of Lords he said: "The European monetary union is a doomsday machine. European monetary union is doomed."

Former Chancellor of Exchequer Nigel Lawson Credit: Stephen Hird / Reuters

He added: "So long as the eurozone staggers on we will not have a healthy European economy. That is the problem we are facing. This dissolution is already happening before our very eyes. Holders of euro deposits in Greek banks are taking them out at a rate of knots and they will do so increasingly."

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