Cameron backs Culture Secretary

The Prime Minister said it was right to give Jeremy Hunt the job even though an email the Culture Secretary sent him showed he backed the Murdochs' bid for BSkyB.

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Cameron: Not possible to let Cable continue ruling on the BSkyB bid

David Cameron has said he was right to hand over responsibility on ruling over the BSkyB takeover bid from Vince Cable to Jeremy Hunt:

He did act impartially because he took independent advice at every stage and he followed the independent advice at every stage so it was right to give him the job.

As I say I hadn't wanted to give anybody the job, I'd wanted Vince Cable, the existing Business Secretary, to go on doing the job but that wasn't possible.

– David Cameron on ITV1's This Morning


Cameron defends Hunt's handling of BSkyB bid

Prime Minister David Cameron has defended the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt's handling of the BSkyB bid in an interview on ITV1's This Morning:

He had said on the record things about BSkyB and Murdoch which were more powerful in a way than the note he wrote me.

I asked the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Secretary consulted lawyers about whether it was right to give him that job.

The key thing was it wasn't what he had said in the past it was how he was going to do the job and I think if you look at how he did the job he asked for independent advice at every stage and he took that independent advice and he did it in a thoroughly proper way.


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