Charles 'first choice for King'

A new poll reveals Prince Charles is the nation’s first choice to be the King. The finding in the Sun on Sunday also show Britain is ready to accept Queen Camilla.

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Prince Charles praises 'classic' British tailoring

Prince Charles. Credit: PA

The Prince of Wales has praised British tailoring and craft skills for their contribution to "the classic and timeless look of British style".

He told GQ magazine: "I have long been an admirer of British tailoring and the associated trades ... Given the demands of my life, it is a great help if a suit looks as good at the end of a day as it did at the start; and it also has to withstand the heavy battering it can sometimes receive.

"So the challenge to tailors, shirt and shoe-makers is a tough one. Clothes have to combine style with sustainability and I find British-made tailoring more than meets that challenge."


British public have 'warmed to Camilla'

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday Tory MP Mary MacLeod, a former policy adviser to the Queen, said:

Camilla has worked really hard since she married Charles. She has been beavering away quietly for charities behind the scenes and there is no doubt the public have warmed to her. Last year’s royal wedding only sought to emphasis the friendship between different generations. The royals seem more like a family and people relate to that and this poll shows they clearly want to keep that stability. Prince Charles has also been doing a lot of good work, particularly through the Prince’s Trust.

Poll makes Charles the nation's favourite to be next King

The poll is the first since 2005 where Charles has seen a clear lead as first choice to be the next King. It shows:

  • 51% believe he should take up his right to the throne
  • 40% said William should be next
  • Nearly every age group wanted Charles to be King
  • Strongest support was among 45 to 54-year-olds
  • The youngest group surveyed of 14 to 24-year-olds prefer William

Ipsos MORI/Sun On Sunday


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