Death of beach rescue hero

A 25-year-old drowned off West Wittering beach, West Sussex, after he had gone to the assistance of two youngsters who were playing in a rubber ring, Sussex Police said.

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Police describe tragic death of beach rescue hero

An Air Ambulance pictured at West Wittering beach in Sussex on Saturday. Credit: Eddie Mitchell for ITV Meridian

Police have described the tragic circumstances of a man who died on West Wittering beach near Portsmouth on Saturday.

Sussex Police said a 32-year-old man from Surrey entered the water as a five-year old girl not known to him was being carried away from the beach by the tide.

The man was able to reach the child and pass her on to another woman who carried the child safely back to her family on the shore.

Tragically the man was unable to reach the shore himself and was recovered unconscious from the water by others at the scene who were subsequently unable to resuscitate him.

Earlier reports said the man was 25 years old. Police have since corrected his age.

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Man drowns going to rescue of two children off West Sussex beach

A 2008 image of West Wittering beach in West Sussex. Credit: Flickr / MAClarke under Creative Commons licence

A 25-year-old man has died after he got into difficulties while helping two children in an inflatable ring off the coast of West Sussex.

Coastguard rescue teams pulled the man from the water off West Wittering Beach yesterday and administered CPR but he has since passed away.

Sussex Police said:

"He had gone to the assistance of two children playing in a rubber ring some 5 metres from shore. He managed to get them to safety but it sadly resulted in him drowning.

"He was not related to the children."

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