Ireland backs euro budget rules

Ireland has officially passed the European fiscal treaty that sets strict new budget rules on members of the eurozone. 60.3% of voters who took part in the referendum voted in favour.

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Tallies suggest only six counties vote No in Ireland referendum

by - Political Correspondent

There are increasing signs that Ireland has backed the new European fiscal treaty.

Only six counties so far have voted no. One was Donegal where support for Sinn Fein is strong.Its leader Gerry Adams spearheaded the No campaign.

Most mainstream politicians insisted a Yes vote was crucial for Ireland's economic stability.

Declan Ganley: I hope Europe will repay Ireland's trust

Libertas founder and No campaigner Declan Ganley Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Libertas founder and No campaigner Declan Ganley has said that "it clearly is a yes vote," public broadcaster RTE reports.

Speaking at the Dublin Castle count centre, Mr Ganley said the majority of the electorate in Ireland has "expressed trust and faith in our partners in Europe to do the right thing."

"I hope that that trust will be repaid," he added.


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