Queen's Jubilee beacons lit

More than 4,200 Diamond Jubilee beacons have been lit across Britain and the world in celebration of the Queen's 60-year reign.

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'World's most remote island' set to light Jubilee beacon

Dougie Swain, Christopher Swain, Clifton Repetto - Jerry Green, Kevin Glass, Raymond Green, Martin Green, Dereck Rogers, Neil Swain Credit: Neil Swain Head of Agriculture, Tristan da Cunha

Building the Jubilee Beacon at Tristan da Cunha the self-styled 'remotest island in the world'.

Twenty-nine of the islands 262 people will receive the Queen's Jubilee Medal.

The beacon on 'the world's most remote island' Credit: Neil Swain Head of Agriculture, Tristan da Cunha

Beacon lit on HMS Daring

HMS Daring lights a beacon to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The Type 45 destroyer is the Royal Navy’s most easterly major warship and is currently on operations east of Suez promoting British interests and engaging with regional partners.

A beacon is lit on HMS Daring Credit: Crown Copyright/MOD 2012


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