Bus workers' Olympic strike

Thousands of bus workers in London have voted by a majority of nine to one to go on strike in a row over payments to work during the London 2012 Olympic Games, said Unite.

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Transport chief hits back at union claims

TfL's Director of Surface Transport, Leon Daniels, has hit back at union claims that transport chiefs are in line for huge bonuses during the Olympic Games.

He said:

These are spurious and inaccurate claims by Unite. TfL's chief officers are not receiving an additional 'bonus' for performance during the Olympics.

"As has always been clear, bus drivers are employed by private companies and their pay and conditions are a matter for those private companies.

Unite has already negotiated binding deals for pay and conditions with each of the London bus companies for this year and those companies are keeping their end of the deal."It is disappointing that Unite continues to push for strike action, attempting to exploit the Games spirit and add a further multi-million pound burden to the hard-pressed fare and tax payers of London."

Unite's regional secretary for London backs bus workers

TfL chiefs on six figure salaries are in line to earn Olympic bonuses worth 160 times more than bus workers are asking for.

These revelations will infuriate our members and serve to strengthen their resolve to fight for fairness. TfL have done nothing to help get the bus companies around the table to resolve this dispute. Since September last year TfL have consistently refused to get involved.

All they can do is condemn workers asking for a fair award for the massive increase in workload that they will face during this historic occasion.

There is no doubt that with the huge numbers of extra passengers and major congestion on London's roads, bus workers will be on the frontline, ensuring London runs smoothly during the Olympics.

TfL's approach to this dispute is a dereliction of duty to London, it is time they acted responsibly.

– Unite's regional secretary for London Peter Kavanagh


Baroness Warsi: Unions 'clearly hell-bent on ruining Olympics'

Commenting on news that bus drivers in London have voted to take strike action over extra payments during the London Olympics.

Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party Baroness Warsi said:

Ed Miliband’s friend Len McCluskey [Unite General Secretary] is clearly hell-bent on ruining the Olympics.

Unite are Labour's biggest donor. Ed Miliband should put the national interest first and get them to call off this damaging and irresponsible strike

This, says the Conservative party, follows comments made by Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite, in February when he called for “civil disobedience” during the Games in order to bring his “grievances to the attention of as many people as possible”.

Unite gives bus firms final chance to consider ballot result

Unite said it was giving the bus companies a final opportunity to consider the "landslide" ballot result before announcing possible strike dates early next week.

The union said bus workers were the only London transport employees not receiving an award for their extra effort during the Olympic Games.

At least 800,000 extra passengers are predicted to use London's buses during the Olympics, said Unite.

There are only seven weeks until the Olympics and the whole world is watching London. It's a disgrace that London's mayor, Boris Johnson, and the bus companies have allowed this dispute to get this far.

Our members are only asking for an extra £17 a day which will just about buy you a pint of beer and a portion of fish and chips at the Olympics.

Our members want the Games to be a success but their patience has run out.

We have given Transport for London and the bus operators almost a year to resolve this issue.

– Regional officer Peter Kavanagh
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