Major: Murdoch's EU demand

Sir John Major has told the Leveson Inquiry that Rupert Murdoch privately warned him in 1997 to change his policy on Europe or his papers would not support him. This appears to contradict Mr Murdoch's claim that he had never tried to influence PMs.

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Political matters discussed during Murdoch dinner

Asked about a dinner on December 19th 2009 with Rebekah Brooks, James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch the Chancellor said:

I'm sure political matters were discussed... I don't remember any improper conversation or any conversation about commercial interests of News Corp or News International. It was a general discussion about the political situation in Britain as we were heading into a General Election year.

NHS Fife: 'highly likely staff member spoke about condition of Gordon Brown’s son'

In response to Gordon Brown's statement to the Leveson Inquiry John Wilson, Chief Executive of NHS Fife said:

Any breach of confidentiality in the NHS is unacceptable. We now accept that it is highly likely that, sometime in 2006, a member of staff in NHS Fife spoke, without authorisation, about the medical condition of Mr Brown’s son, Fraser. With the passage of time it has not been possible to identify all the circumstances.

We believe, however, that there was no inappropriate access to the child’s medical records. We are quite clear that conversations about patients are just as much a breach of confidentiality as looking into their medical records.

In the six years which have passed, NHS Fife has tightened up its procedures on patient confidentiality, and staff have had appropriate training. I have apologised to Mr and Mrs Brown and we have taken steps to ensure that what happened to Mr and Mrs Brown and their family should not happen again.


The Sun rebutts Gordon Brown's Leveson evidence

Brown: 'I did not contact Murdoch over switch of support'

The Sun's headquarters at Wapping Credit: Reuters/ITN

Gordon Brown said that after the Conservative Party gained the support of The Sun there was no point contacting the newspaper. Speaking to the Leveson Inquiry he said:

"I didn't return calls to News International. I didn't phone Mr [Rupert] Murdoch. I didn't talk to his son. I didn't text him or email him. I didn't contact him.

I'm surprised there was a story that I slammed the phone down on him and secondly there was a story from Mr Murdoch himself that I threatened him. This did not happen."

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