Major: Murdoch's EU demand

Sir John Major has told the Leveson Inquiry that Rupert Murdoch privately warned him in 1997 to change his policy on Europe or his papers would not support him. This appears to contradict Mr Murdoch's claim that he had never tried to influence PMs.

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CPS now has 12 files to consider after hacking probe

Today's five files bring to12 the number of files relating to Scotland Yard's phone-hacking inquiry that have been sent to prosecutors.

The CPS has launched prosecutions relating to just one of the files so far - including former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and her racehorse trainer husband Charlie.

Two other files, one involving Guardian journalist Amelia Hill and one relating to former News of the World chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck, have been dropped.

Brown's aides to release statements over Murdoch call

by - Political Editor

Brown's aides say they are releasing sworn statements by people who heard the Murdoch call and testify it was not threatening.

So when he said "the conversation did not take place," I guess he means the call happened, but not in the way Murdoch says it did.

It sounds like we are in the land of different interpretations here...


Osborne and Gove both hint they don't want press regulation

by - Political Editor

So Osborne and Gove have hinted to Leveson they don't want press regulation. Could be an interesting face-off.

These discussions are by far the most significant, because they touch on whether all of this is actually going to change anything.

Osborne is using the word 'sir' a lot, but seems to be saying pretty clearly he isn't going to let press regulation fly. Interesting.


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