Carr apologises for tax scheme

The comedian Jimmy Carr has apologised for using a tax avoidance scheme. David Cameron told ITV News yesterday Carr's tax arrangements were "morally wrong" - but today refused to comment on singer Gary Barlow's tax affairs.

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  1. Tom Bradby

Tax fairness is 'one of most urgent questions' for politicians to address

It seems to me that the question of paying tax is - in terms of fairness - one of the most urgent our politicians have to address.

It surely must be possible to draw up a set of rules to avoid the kind of thing Carr was doing?

And, come to that, why do we allow so many non-doms to live here for years whilst paying no tax on their worldwide income?

A crackdown on legal tax avoidance and a decision to force non-doms to pay tax on their worldwide income is a free political hit for someone.


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