Labour 'wrong on immigration'

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said the party mishandled immigration while it was in power. Today he promised new measures to prevent British people being "locked out" of jobs by foreign workers.

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Miliband: 'We were too slow to recognise costs'

People are talking about this up and down the country and Labour's got to talk about it, we can't shy away from this issue.

I think immigration benefits the country but I think there are costs as well and I think when we were in Government we were too slow to recognise some of those costs, the pressures on public services, the speed of communities changing and the pressure on wages.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Labour made mistakes on immigration, says Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband will today renew his attacks on the previous Labour administration's approach such as failing to restrict entrants from new EU member states in eastern Europe.

Ed Miliband Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

In a swipe at Gordon Brown, he will say voters have legitimate fears about overburdened public services and community cohesion and expressing them "does not make them bigots, not in any way".

The then prime minister was widely condemned during the 2010 election campaign for being caught on a microphone dismissing a voter who raised the issue as "bigoted".

Mr Miliband, who made re-connecting with party supporters on immigration a central plank of his leadership campaign, will also rule out a Brown-style "British jobs for British workers" approach.

Ed Miliband outlines change in Labour's immigration policy

Under Ed Miliband's blueprint, the Migration Advisory Committee would gather data to alert Whitehall and local councils to areas becoming "dominated by low-wage labour from other countries".

This is not about imposing quotas. It is not about stopping firms hiring foreign workers. It is not about demanding employers fill in dozens of new forms. It is about improving the information we collect, enabling job centres to identify where there is a high dependency on foreign labour and see if there is better training that can be offered to help local workers fill the gap."

– Ed Miliband
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