Diamond 'dismayed' over claims

The former Barclays boss Bob Diamond has written to the Treasury Committee chairman saying he is "dismayed" over suggestions by members that he was "less than candid" when he gave evidence last week.

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  1. Lucy Manning

Barclays' chairman resigns over Libor-fixing scandal

ITV News understands the Barclays Chairman Marcus Agius will step down. An announcement is expected in the morning.

Barclays Bank chariman Marcus Agius to step down Credit: Barclays/PA Wire

Mr Agius and the Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond have been in the firing line after the bank was fined for its role in fixing the Libor inter-bank lending rate.

Both men were expected to appear in front of the Treasury Select committee next week to answer questions. MPs have told ITV News they still want Mr Agius to appear even if he is the former Chairman by then.

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