PM: One last try on Lords reform

David Cameron has told Conservative MPs there will be "one more try" on Lords reform. Ed Miliband had earlier accused him of losing control of his party after a large number of Tories rebelled on a vote on the issue.

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Ed Miliband accuses PM of losing temper

The Labour leader Ed Miliband has goaded David Cameron about his reported confrontation with Jesse Norman MP last night. At Prime Minister's Questions he said:

Last night he lost control of his party and not for the first time he lost his temper as well because we understand it was fisticuffs in the lobby ... Who does the Prime Minister blame most for the disarray in his government - the Liberal Democrats or his own backbenchers?

– Labour leader Ed Miliband

The Prime Minister responded that Ed Miliband is dealing in "tittle tattle" and "half-baked gossip".


'Labour engineering Coalition split over Lords'

Mark Pack, a political blogger and co-editor of Liberal Democrat Voice, argues that members of the Labour party are trying to engineer a break-up of the Coalition over the issue of House of Lords reform. He writes on his blog:

Imagine you’re a slightly excitable aide to Ed Miliband and plotting how he can be Prime Minister by Christmas, with you getting a new nice job in 10 Downing Street as a result. What would your plan be? ... What you would want to plot is a falling out between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, which might – just might – result in the Lib Dems saying ‘sod you lot; Ed – do you fancy a go?’.

– Mark Pack, Liberal Democrat Voice

Was Tory rebel asked to leave Parliament bar?

There are reports that a four junior Tory whips asked Jesse Norman - one of the MPs who orchestrated the rebellion over House of Lords reform - to leave the Strangers' Bar in the House of Commons last night.

Writing in the Guardian, Nicholas Watt writes that they confronted Mr Norman in an "aggressive manner" and quotes a rebel source as saying: "They basically said to him that he knew he had damaged the government and he should leave".

Tim Montgomerie, writing on the Conservative Home blog, said that the whips were merely warning Mr Norman that the Deputy Chief Whip John Randall was "on the warpath" and that he might "do an Eric Joyce".

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