Landslide death woman named

A young woman who died after being buried by tonnes of rock following a landslide on a beach in Dorset was named today as Charlotte Blackman from Derbyshire. The incident took place at the Freshwater Beach holiday park at Burton Bradstock beach.

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Eyewitness: Two landslides one after the other

An eyewitness has told ITV Westcountry that there were two landslides, a smaller one followed by a larger one. Leonard Muggeridge, who witnessed both from his boat, said he fears two people may have been buried by the second one:

Within two or three minutes ... [of the first landslide] people started to have a look and we could see two people climbing on the rocks about 10 to 15 minutes after it had actually happened, probably looking for fossils.

– Leonard Muggeridge, eyewitness

The local ambulance service has only confirmed that one person was buried. Listen to Mr Muggeridge's full account on the ITV Westcountry website.

Hazardous areas of Dorset coast

Dorset County Council has issued warning about potential landslides in the following areas of coastline:

  • Seven Rock Point on the end of Monmouth Beach, west of Lyme Regis
  • The start of Monmouth Beach
  • Beach between Lyme Regis and Charmouth
  • Base of Stonebarrow cliffs east of Charmouth
  • Between Eype and West Bay

Th Council has also used temporary signs to warn walkers of the potential dangers. Follow the story with ITV Westcountry.


Dorset council warning to stay away from cliffs

Dorset County Council issued this advice about cliff falls on July 20th.

Walkers and fossil collectors along the West Dorset coastline have been urged to take care after the recent heavy rainfall has left the cliffs in an unusually unstable condition. The exceptionally wet weather of recent months, which culminated in the floods of 7 July, has led to a heightened risk of rock falls anywhere and at any time along the coast. Landslides have also delivered thick mudflows and quicksands to the beaches in many places.

As a result there is an increased risk to the public visiting some parts of the coast, especially where the beach is backed by cliffs. The advice is to stay well away from the cliffs at all times and to beware of mudflows and quicksand, especially when the tide is coming in as it is possible to become cut off from the normal exit points to and from the beaches.

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