Banks account glitches 'fixed'

Nationwide has apologised after 704,426 customer's accounts were mistakenly debited twice. ITV News understands 50,000 people went into the red. NatWest has said they have resolved earlier issues with online banking and debit cards.

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Customer debit problems at Nationwide down to 'keying error'

by - Consumer Editor

I have just been given new information on the debit problem that hit more than 700,000 Nationwide customers. The building society says the problems are fixed, in other words money that had been wrongly taken out of accounts has been returned overnight.

704,426 customers Nationwide accounts were mistakenly debited twice.
704,426 customers Nationwide accounts were mistakenly debited twice. Credit: Tim Ockenden/PA Wire/Press Association Images

I also have new information on how this glitch happened in the first place. So far Nationwide has called this a "human error", now I have learned that it was a keying error. In other words inputting debit information to the computer systems. It seems not to have been a computer system error.


Disgruntled customers bombard NatWest's website after account problems

Cannot do my work online, cannot buy things online and cannot process our betting syndicate funds.It will not accept my card on anything. When I called they said it will take half an it has been more than 4 hours. TERRIBLE again Natwest!

– Costaki from swindon

NatWest online down again. I have been a customer for 35 years but am now seriously considering changing banks. NatWest, if you can't keep up with the new technology, get out of the business.

– Disgruntled veteran from Worthing

I do not care if youoffer me a million pounds, or if you miraculously become the best bank in the world for customer service next year. I am leaving your bank as soon as possible. Problem after problem after problem. RIDICULOUS

– Osplom from Reading

Natwest customers on their account problems


just had my card rejected yeah good one #natwest sort it out sharpish!


Natwest down again, money transfered between accounts missing, can't use my card to make payments. This is 2012, right?


FFS! NatWest debit cards do not work! No matter how much money you have, all transactions are declined! Gggrrr #uselessbank


Customer anger at Nationwide mistake


Can't believe @asknationwide no warning at all and cancel my overdraft and now owe £700...thanks for being useless and ruining my savings!


@asknationwide i think its disgusting, nearly £750 has been taken from my account twice!!! and my branch new nothing this morning????


Paid £400 off my credit card & @asknationwide have taken it twice!!!!!!!!! Are you joking?!?! #givememymoneyback

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