Charges over Heywood death

Two people have been charged over the death of British businessman Neil Heywood, China's Xinhua state news agency has reported.

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UK diplomats to attend trial of Chinese man accused of murdering UK businessman

UK diplomats have been given permission to attend the trial of an ousted Chinese politician's wife on a charge of murdering British businessman Neil Heywood, it was disclosed today.

The Foreign Office said British officials will attend the trial of Gu Kailai, which begins on August 9 in the eastern city of Hefei.

It is considered unusual for foreign observers to be granted access to such politically sensitive court cases in China.

A Foreign Office spokesman said:

The details of the ongoing investigation are a matter for the Chinese authorities.

However we are glad to see that the Chinese authorities are continuing with the investigation into the death of Neil Heywood. We are dedicated to seeking justice for him and his family and we will be following developments closely.


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