Lord Coe 'legacy ambassador'

Lord Coe is to continue his involvement with the Olympics beyond today's closing ceremony as David Cameron's legacy ambassador. He has won praise for his role in making the Games a success as the chairman of the 2012 organising committee, Locog.

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Lord Coe's remit as Olympic legacy ambassador

  • Advise the Prime Minister on how to make the most of the Games in reaching the Government's target of £13bn economic benefit as a result of hosting the Games
  • Act as a roving global ambassador to help win new trade and investment deals for British businesses who have helped make the Olympic Games such a success
  • Advise the Prime Minister on ways to ensure that legacy plans across the four key areas - economic, sporting, volunteering and regeneration - are put into action and the pace of activity stays high


Lord Coe to help deliver 'best Olympic legacy ever'

Seb Coe has done a brilliant job delivering the best Games ever. Now I want him to help me deliver the best Olympic legacy ever. Legacy has been built into the DNA of London 2012 from the very beginning thanks to Seb. I'm delighted that (IOC president) Jacques Rogge described our legacy plans as a blueprint for future Games hosts.

I am determined to make the most of the economic opportunities on offer from hosting the Games - making sure that we turn these Games into gold for Britain. I cannot think of a better person than Seb to be our ambassador to the global market-place and make sure we achieve our ambitious legacy targets.

– David Cameron
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