A-level A grades down

The proportion of A-levels scoring at least an A grade has fallen for the first time in more than 20 years, official figures showed today.

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Student’s home schooling success

A 19-year-old student has said his exam successes show it is possible to be educated at home right up to A-level.

Eli Ingle, 19, from Sheffield has been taught at home since he was 13

Hundreds of families across the UK every year choose to take their children out of school and teach them at home.

But but very few continue this past GCSEs into the traditional sixth-form stage.

Eli Ingle, from Sheffield, already has two A*s - in business studies and sociology - and is hoping for similar high standards when he gets his psychology result later today.

He said: "It's so wide-ranging and there's so many opportunities I feel I've got that I would never have got at school.

"I've expanded my social range and I have managed to do all these qualification.

"It shows that you don't necessarily have to have an organised school environment to do it, there are other routes out there that work just as well."


Students advised against going to university

My advice for those school leavers considering clearing is to take a step back and consider their options fully - going to university to study for a degree may not be the right path for everyone, and students who are pressured into making a snap decision today may come to regret it.

With the further rise in tuition fees this year, students need to be sure that university is the right investment for them.

– Carl Gilleard, chief executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR)

Students poised for A-levels results

Teenagers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are waking up to their A-level results today, with many hoping that their grades will be good enough to secure a coveted university place.

Students will learn of their A-levels results today Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Experts have predicted that the pass rate will stall this year, amid fresh attempts by the exams regulator to tackle grade inflation.

It has been suggested that around 8% of exams will achieve an A* and just over one in four exams will score at least an A - the same as in 2011.


Bright teenagers 'could miss out on university'

It would be a "tragedy" if bright teenagers who just miss their grades and lose out on a university place are disheartened.

Bright students could be missing out on university Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

Everything must be done to ensure that these youngsters secure their spot, according to Brian Lightman, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).

He said his advice to students who find themselves without the grades they need would be "don't give up" and to look at the many other options available.

Concerns have already been raised that changes to university admissions will mean that able teenagers who are predicted to score two As and a B, but just fall short, struggle to find a university place this year.

Students await A-level results

  • Students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are due to receive their A-level results today.
  • For many, the results will mean that their university places are assured, while others - who find their grades are lower than expected - will look for courses through the clearing process.
  • Students heading to English universities this autumn will be the first to pay fees of up to £9,000 a year.
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