Cancer patient care improves

More cancer patients are reporting that they are treated with respect, given treatment choices and are benefitting from better services according to the results of a national survey, announced today by the Health Secretary.

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Cancer charity calls for stronger NHS incentives

It is fantastic news that so many trusts have improved in the experience they provide cancer patients in one year.

However, it is essential that this is the case across all cancer types. People who have rarer cancers should not be treated any worse than those with a common cancer.

Macmillan believes that the NHS Commissioning Board now needs to ensure strong incentives are provided to the NHS so that commissioners are judged on patient experience as a measure of how they are performing.

– Macmillan Cancer Support director of services Juliet Bouverie


NHS 'should adopt cancer care practice'

An improved patient experience for cancer patients is fantastic news and I would like to thank those doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly to improve standards of care.

Where Trusts are doing less well, I would urge them to look at what patients are telling them and take action so that cancer care best practice is adopted across the whole of the NHS."

– Health Secretary Andrew Lansley

Cancer care statistics

  • The survey found that 94% of patients said they were treated with dignity in 2011, a rise from 93% in 2010.
  • And 83% of cancer patients said they were seen by a hospital doctor quickly compared with 81% in the previous year.
  • Of the 70,000 patients surveyed, 84% said they were given a choice of different types of cancer treatment before their treatment started.
  • The survey also found that more than nine in 10 patients believed they were given clear answers by healthcare specialists and 83% said they were treated with respect.

Health Secretary hails cancer care improvement

Cancer sufferers are being seen quicker, given wider treatment options and are being treated with more dignity, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Announcing the results of the national cancer patient experience survey, Lansley said that 88% of patients rated their care as very good or excellent.

The research also found that 98 of 158 English NHS trusts improved their score compared with last year.

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