MoD to cut senior positions

The Ministry of Defence has announced plans to cut up to a quarter of senior military and civilian posts in a bid to create a more strategy-oriented Head Office and save costs.

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A smaller MoD head office focused on 'strategic direction'

The Ministry of Defence has described the Armed Forces as 'top heavy' Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Acting Permanent Under-Secretary Tom McKane said of the plans to cut up to a quarter of senior military and civilian posts in the Armed Forces: "All parts of defence are being restructured as we transform the way the Ministry of Defence does business, and head office is no exception.

"A smaller head office focused on strategic direction and policy, which hands more responsibility to the frontline commands, allows for a better-run organisation."

Defence secretary: We can't ignore senior posts in defence cuts

The defence secretary Philip Hammond has said he can't go ahead with sweeping cuts to the Armed Forces with also cutting senior positions. He said:

At a time when we are making difficult decisions about defence spending and have had to accept reductions across the board, we cannot ignore the volume of posts at the top.

For too long the MoD has been top-heavy, with too many senior civilians and military.

Not only does this new structure reduce senior staff posts by up to a quarter in the next two years but it allows clear strategic priorities to be set for the Armed Forces.

It will hold the frontline commands to account for their delivery and support them in the tasks they are set.

– Philip Hammond MP, Defence Secretary


MoD will shrink after cuts to senior jobs

The Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) Head Office is to become smaller after plans to cut up to 25% of senior civilian and military staff over the next two years, the defence secretary Philip Hammond has said.

A new senior structure will come into force from April 2013 with fewer senior positions. It is to save the MoD about £3.8m annually.

About 26 civilian and military jobs at Senior Civil Service level - which is equivalent to Commodore, Brigadier and Air Commodore or above - will disappear.

The new Head Office will concentrate more on strategy. In future, it will not get involved in day-to-day management. Frontline commands will be in charge of looking after their own finances.

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