Harry images: 3,600 complaints

Some 3,600 people have complained to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) about naked photographs of Prince Harry published on the front-page of the Sun newspaper.

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Queen's former press secretary: 'The Sun didn't defy the Palace, it broke PCC rules'

Former press secretary to the Queen, Dickie Arbiter has taken to Twitter to discuss the implications of the Sun's decision to print pictures of Prince Harry in Las Vegas:

Elisabeth Murdoch: 'Public interest in printing Harry pictures'

Elisabeth Murdoch, Mr Murdoch's daughter, has defended The Sun's decision to print naked pictured of Prince Harry, saying there "was a public interest argument."

Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, she said she felt "bad" for the Prince, who was a "young guy having fun".

She said she had gone online to look at the pictures before The Sun printed them, adding: "I think there is a public interest argument in that."


Sun prints naked Prince Harry pictures: Your reaction

We asked if you thought The Sun was right to print pictures of a naked Prince harry on its front page.

Here are some of your comments, you can add your own on the ITV News Facebook page.

  • Hayley Eightiesdiva Ormerod So they should! No-one would whinge if it was anybody else or a celeb! The fact is..THEY..didn't take the pics! Harry put himself in a vulnerable position..obviously not private enough..so tough!
  • Marie Hallimond Oh come on I'm sick of hearing it now! I now know why I don't read the papers full of rubbish... Harry's only young let him live his life have fun and feel slightly normal before the time comes to get married and settle down!
  • Karl Stafford The Sun has always portrayed itself as patriotic and yet the newspaper betrays the Royal family many times and on so many levels no respect.

Mensch: 'The Sun was right to publish naked Harry pictures'

Louise Mensch, a Tory MP on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has backed the Sun's decision to publish naked pictures of Prince Harry, claiming there was a "clear and demonstrable" public interest in the story.

She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:

I'm chilled to hear the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) tried to tread on this story and they should not have done it.

The PCC after the Leveson Inquiry really ought not to be in the business of collectively telling newspaper editors they can't run a story and they shouldn't use their best judgement.

That is the real sin in this story and The Sun was right to publish.

Mrs Mensch, who is standing down as an MP, said she believed Parliament would fight any recommendation of a regulated press system if one was recommended by Lord Justice Leveson.

Max Clifford: 'We should have respected Harry's privacy'

PR consultant Max Clifford has said that the Sun's decision to publish a naked photo of Prince Harry on its front page is "clearly, an invasion of privacy".

He told Daybreak: "I think we should have respected his privacy. I understand why The Sun has printed it, they'll probably sell a lot more newspapers but does it make it right?"

He also said his advice to Harry would be "hold your head up, you done nothing to be ashamed of, you let your hair down".

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