Samsung loses Apple battle

Apple has won a victory in its legal fight with Samsung, being awarded more than $1 billion in damages relating to iPhone and iPad features.

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Patent case impact on Samsung 'quite limited'

Despite having to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple, Samsung may yet recover, says a patent expert.

The impact on Samsung will be quite limited, as affected models are mostly legacy products and its new products did make some design changes to avoid potential litigation.

Still ... it's a sweeping loss in the most important market. It's inevitable that Samsung's brand will be negatively affected - Samsung could be perceived as a copycat.

– D.J. Jung, representative patent attorney for SU Intellectual Property

Apple may now 'go after' Motorola and HTC

Apple's victory in its patent case against Samsung may provoke it to go after its two main smartphone rivals, HTC and Motorola, thinks Charles Arthur, technology editor at the Guardian.

Apple will hope that this decision will put second thoughts and self-doubt into the minds of every industrial designer and software engineer competing in the smartphone and tablet business around the world.

– Charles Arthur, technology editor at the Guardian


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