Essex lion 'is a ginger tomcat'

Essex Police have called off a search for a lion reportedly on the loose and suggested it was more likely to be a large domestic cat or wildcat. The Daily Mirror reports it could be a ginger tomcat called Tom that lives near to the original sighting.

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Essex resident hears 'lion roar' whilst walking his dog

Residents in St Osyth are returning to their homes on the advice of Essex police after a lion was sighted in the area. Che Kevlin told the BBC he heard the lion roar whilst out walking his dog:

I heard a loud roar at 10pm. It sounded like a lion. It was worrying as we had just been for a walk with the dog. We saw the police helicopter but thought it was just searching for a person.

It sounded like the roar of a lion. We have field and wood just behind our fence, so you never know,


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