Jobs blow for Obama re-election

There was a slight blow for Barack Obama's re-election hopes as a fewer than expected 96,000 jobs were created in America last month. The US President told Americans last night that the path to economic recovery may be tough.

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US employment figures prove disappointing

The government's survey of employers showed hiring slowed sharply during August to 96,000, down from 141,000 in July and well below the 125,000 forecast figure.

  • The unemployment rate, which is derived from a separate survey of households, fell because the workforce shrank by 368,000 during the month.
  • The participation rate, a measure of the people employed compared to the size of the workforce, fell to 63.5 percent in August - the lowest since September 1981 - from 63.7 percent a month earlier.
  • A big drag on hiring came from the manufacturing sector, where payrolls dropped by 15,000.


Obama electrifies Democrats - but needs to convince undecided voters

by - Washington Correspondent

Barack Obama talked about his achievements - ending the war in Iraq, drawing back on the war in Afghanistan, and about the death of Osama bin Laden.

He also talked about his other priority - building American infrastructure and investing in education.

It was an impressive performance and it electrified Democrats here, but let us also remember that he wasn't trying to reach the Democrats who will definitely vote for him - he's aiming to target those undecided voters in battleground states like Florida, Ohio, Colorado.

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Mitt Romney: 'Obama hasn't lived up to his promises'


At the 2008 #DNC, @barackobama promised Americans a better future, but it’s clear he hasn’t lived up to his promises.


At the 2008 #DNC, @barackobama criticized an economy with high unemployment, but today unemployment is even higher.


At the 2008 #DNC, @barackobama criticized an economy in “turmoil.”After 4 years of his leadership, it’s no better.

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