Third night of Belfast clashes

Police have come under attack in a third night of disturbances in Belfast. Fifteen police officers were hurt last night.

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Police Chief warns against Northern Ireland taking a 'backward step'

I am very proud of how my colleagues stood in the face of danger... but I am saddened and angry that again we find ourselves subject to serious violence from the communities we serve.

Let me be clear, we have made seven arrests already and with a robust criminal justice strategy in place, there will be more.

The community of North Belfast needs to see a resolution to this issue now.

Collectively, we cannot afford to wait and we cannot have night after night of violence on our streets.

And the huge impact on Northern Ireland cannot be ignored ...We do not want to take a backward step.

– Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr


Police injured in second night of riots

Three police officers were taken to hospital and nine were injured during a second night of clashes in North Belfast.

This footage was captured by MacMillan Media.

Rioters also hurled stones, bottles, fireworks and rocks and hijacked a van in Denmark Street before pushing it towards police lines.

The extent of the injuries sustained by the police officers taken to hospital are not yet known.

Heavily armed police face rioters in Belfast

Officers used water cannons and fired six baton rounds at the crowds as troubled flared for a second night in Belfast's Carlisle Circus. Nine police officers were injured.

A second night of violence flared in North Belfast on Monday Credit: MacMillan Media
Police used water cannons and fired six baton rounds at the crowds Credit: MacMillan Media


First Minister could open debate on NI Parades

Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson has said he is considering reopening efforts to deal with parading after a recent bid for a new deal collapsed following discussion with the Orange Order.

Protesters clash with police in Belfast Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Although many parts of Northern Ireland have prospered, in working class North Belfast nationalist and unionist communities live separately.

They are also divided by interface barriers which have multiplied in number since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 which enshrined political powersharing.

Last night parts of the area have been left strewn with debris as the face off with police continues.

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