Planning rules relaxed

David Cameron has pledged to get the planning system "off people's backs" and revive the economy by easing restrictions for homes and businesses to carry out extensions.

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Housing charity: 'Reform is step towards homes we need'

This package of measures is an important step towards delivering the homes we need, not only to provide a vital and urgent boost to the economy but to address this country’s housing shortage that’s affecting millions of lives. It’s absolutely crucial for the many families and young people struggling with high housing costs or trying to get on the housing ladder that the Government delivers on its guarantee that these proposals will see more affordable homes built.

Successive governments have failed to get on top of our housing crisis. The government needs to continue thinking innovatively to make sure that this generation and the next aren’t denied the stable and affordable homes they need to get on in life.

– Shelter’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb

Business leaders welcome planning reform

We applaud the Government’s new reforms of the planning system. The construction industry has been suffering, we need more housing and businesses currently find it too difficult to build new premises, so action to relieve those problems is very welcome. Many companies want to invest and expand, and the system should be encouraging them to do so, not deterring them.

The Government is right to revisit this areato take their reforms further. The key to their effectiveness will be in theimplementation of the proposed arrangements. We urge the Government to keepopen the possibility of a blanket holiday from costly section 106 requirementsif necessary.

– Director General of the Institute of Directors Simon Walker

British Property Federation welcomes Govt plans

The British Property Federation (BPF) has welcomed measures announced by the Government aimed at tackling the housing crisisand kick-starting the economy.

The Government has announced plans to encourage house-building to kick-start the economy. Credit: Press Association

Liz Peace, chief executive of the British Property Federation, said: “Taken together these measures will certainly provide a shot in the arm for house building. However, they will only solve housing issues if accompanied by a significant package of other measures.

“House builders are not on strike; they are simply not building because there are few people in a position to buy, or seeking to move. We are therefore pleased to see support to access home ownership and measures to encourage renting are also seen as important parts of this package.

"Simply building homes for non-existent buyers has been tried before, in Spain and Ireland, with disastrous consequence."


Property firm: 'Revision of stamp duty is needed'

If more people extend their homes, they’ll be less demand fornew ones – further hitting the ailing construction sector which forms such akey part of our economy.

Rather than waste time on schemes that will help only a tinynumber of people, they should revise stamp duty to get transactions movingproperly. The burden of stamp duty makes it impossible for many young buyers alreadyhit hard by cuts to tax credits and pensions.

– John Hitchcox of global property firm Yoo
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