Supermarket prices 'misleading'

Almost three-quarters of consumers believe supermarkets are trying to mislead them by using confusing pricing practices, a watchdog has found.

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Are supermarket prices 'misleading'? Your views on Twitter:

Your views on 'misleading' supermarket prices

On the ITV News Facebook page we have been asking what you think about 'misleading' supermarket prices. Are their policies making your weekly shop more expensive? Here are some of your views:

I don't think they are as clear as they could be but I never have any problem. At ASDA they have all the information you need on llable on the shelf. It says how much you get, per kg usually. If you know basic maths you can figure out what your buying is rightly priced.

– Lauren Clegg

You really have to watch every price, as some rise massively while others are cut

– Melica Patmore

Prices in supermarkets change too often. One day i bought Volvic in Sainsburys for 59p, the next day it was 65p.

– Silvia Hrvojevic


3/4 supermarket shoppers 'misled' by confusing prices

Three-quarters of shoppers feel misled by supermarket pricing policies Credit: Daybreak

The report by consumer company Which says that supermarkets are 'misleading' customers about their prices. It states that unit pricing is not clear enough making it difficult for consumers to compare prices.

Shoppers say their weekly supermarket bills have gone up Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire

Almost a quarter shoppers stated that they thought the reason for the increase in their weekly shopping bill was due to unclear pricing in supermarkets.

Morrisons has said it will take steps to create a clearer pricing strategy while Sainsbury's has also announced that it will trial a new labelling format, which will include clearer unit pricing.


Which?: We need clearer unit pricing

Unit pricing was too small and hard to read, say consumers Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Archive

The standards recommend unit price tags have a font size of 5mm, the unit price should not be less than 50% of the height of the selling price and there should be sufficient contrast between the print and background.

Among those surveyed by Which?, 88% said unit pricing helps them to work out which products and promotions are the best value for money.

Of those who were aware of unit pricing but did not use it, 22% said it was because unit pricing was too small and hard to read.

Which? outlines five unit pricing problems

Consumer watchdog Which? has outlined five common problems with supermarket unit pricing:

  • The unit price can be very small and difficult to see.
  • Retailers do not always give the unit price when they should.
  • The unit price does not have to be shown for promotions, such as multi-buys.
  • Fruit and vegetables frequently display the price per item or per Kg making it impossible to compare.
  • Different units are used for varieties of the same product (eg. per 100g and per Kg).
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