Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Prince Harry will finish the first phase of his initial training at Camp Bastion today before he takes the controls of Apache attack helicopters.

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Taliban threaten to 'kidnap or kill' Prince Harry

The Taliban have said they were doing everything in their power to kidnap or assassinate Prince Harry during his tour of Afghanistan, reports the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry in Afghanistan Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Just four days after the 27-year-old arrived in the volatile Helmand province, militants confirmed that he was one of their prime targets, the newspaper has said.


Prince Harry to hone flying skills in Camp Bastion

Captain Harry Wales, as he is known in the Army, will today hone his flying skills and get to grips with the fearsome Apache armoury before going out on operations in his role as co-pilot gunner.

The Prince has spent his third night in the Helmand province base, a huge site in the middle of the desert shared with US, Estonian, Danish and Afghan troops in the south west of the country.

Prince Harry finishes first phase of training at Camp Bastion

Prince Harry will finish the first phase of his initial training at Camp Bastion today before he takes the controls of Apache attack helicopters.

The 27-year-old Army captain arrived in Afghanistan for his second tour of duty on Friday, but he will not be sent out to take on the Taliban for at least another seven days.

Prince Harry pictured at Camp Bastion. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Once he completes his two-day RSOI (reception, staging, onward-movement and integration) course in first aid, shooting and IED (improvised explosive device) awareness later today, he will be set to start his Apache-specific preparation.

During this phase of training, which starts tomorrow, he will climb into the cockpit and begin to familiarise himself with the way the deadly aircraft is configured for the war-torn country.

Harry's disappointment after first tour was cut short

In 2008 Prince Harry had to end his deployment in Afghanistan early after the news was leaked by an Australian magazine. Here he talks of his disappointment at the development:

Harry's first deployment to Afghanistan was shrouded in secrecy. This time the world has been told about the Prince's tour of duty just after he arrived.

There are many reasons for the change of approach and the Ministry of Defence has agonised over the media plan for Prince Harry for months.


'Hero' marine backs Harry's return to Afghanistan

A Royal Marine hailed a "real hero" by Prince Harry after he lost two limbs in an Afghanistan blast sympathised with the royal's urge to return to frontline duties.

Marine Ben McBean told ITV News correspondent Paul Davies of the Prince's desire to go to "war" and serve his country was the natural instinct of any soldier.

After losing an arm and a leg during a mine explosion while out on patrol, Mr McBean was flown back to the UK for further treatment in February 2008.

Also travelling in the military plane was Harry, returning after his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, and he praised the injured serviceman as "the real hero".

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