Britain thanks 2012 athletes

800 athletes from Team GB and ParalympicsGB made their way through London today for a victory parade. Thousands of people lined the streets to cheer them along the three mile route.

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London parade revellers 'close to a million'

Some estimates have put the number of revellers supporting TeamGB and ParalympicsGB at the athletes parade today at close to a million.

Members of the gymnastics team wave to the crowds Credit: Paul Gilham/PA Wire

A London Mayor's Office spokesman said the exact figure was unknown, but that it was in the hundreds of thousands.

Today also marked one of the largest events London has seen, the spokesman added.


Athletes tweet their excitement over today's parade


Seb Coe 'happy' to be put forward for BOA role

Sebastian Coe said he was "happy" to be put forward for the role of British Olympic Association chairman.

Speaking after the parade of TeamGB and ParalympicsGB athletes, Lord Coe said:

I have been asked and I'm happy for my name to go forward. I was asked formally and on this day of all days why wouldn't you want to help.

I wouldn't presume anything but I was asked, I thought about it, and I have always had a huge debt of gratitude to the British Olympic Association.

They fought to allow me to go to Moscow, and actually everything I have done in the last few years might not have been possible had I not had that Olympic experience, so it's an organisation I have a deep, deep commitment to.

The BOA is a fantastic organisation.

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