Poll: Figures reveal 2012 legacy

An ITV News poll reveals the majority of people think the Olympics and Paralympics were a success. However most also believe it won't lead to a surge of people wanting to take part in sport.

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Jessica Ennis 'confident' in Olympics legacy

Heptathlete Jessica Ennis looks at the parade crowds Credit: Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire

Gold medallist Jessica Ennis believes London 2012 has lived up to its promise to "Inspire a Generation".

"I really do think this is going to create a lot of legacy," Ennis said today.

"I think it's really important to keep this going, but everyone's going to work together and there are plans and strategies in place to create a legacy. I think that will happen".

"I think we've done one of the hardest things, which is to inspire people, and you can see that kids want to get involved".

"All the kids today were so excited and that's the big thing. If they're inspired and they want to get involved in sport then it's half the problem that could change".


Poll: London 2012 economic legacy mixed

When it comes to the economic benefits and legacy of the London 2012, the ITV News poll results were mixed.

Of the 2,102 people surveyed:

  • 67% said the Games were great for the UK in tough economic times
  • Only 28% felt London 2012 will benefit the taxpayer more than it cost
  • 40% said the Games would not benefit the taxpayer more than they cost

In January 2012, just 44% agreed the Games were great for the UK in difficult economic times and 20% said London 2012 would benefit the taxpayer more than it cost.

Poll: 78% say Paralympics improved society's view of disabled

Nearly four out of five people believe the 2012 Paralympic Games have "improved society's view of people with disabilities," according to an ITV News poll.

Paralympians wave to the crowd during the athletes parade today Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Of those surveyed, 78% agreed the Games had improved society's view, compared to just 9% who disagreed.

Women and people aged over 65 were the most likely to agree with this query, the poll found.


London 2012 legacy revealed in ITV poll

An overwhelming number of Brits believe the London 2012 Games were a success and made them proud to be British, but less than half said they inspired them to get more involved in sport, an ITV News survey has found.

Of those surveyed:

  • 85% felt the London 2012 Games were a success, while 6% who disagreed
  • 82% said the Olympics and Paralympics have increased national pride
  • 45% agreed the Games had made them more interested in sport in general
  • Just 25% said London 2012 encouraged them to participate in more sport

ComRes surveyed 2,102 adults online between 7-9 September on behalf of ITV News.

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