Rebels 'take Syria border posts'

Syrian rebels seized their third border crossing with Turkey today, officials have said, after fierce battles with government troops overnight.

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Report: Iran ships arms and personnel to Syria via Iraq

Iran has been using civilian aircraft to fly military personnel and large quantities of weapons across Iraqi airspace to Syria to aid President Bashar Assad, according to a Western intelligence report seen by Reuters.

A fighter jet bombs a petrol tanker in Bab al-Nayrab district in Aleppo. Credit: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal

Iraq says it does not allow the passage of any weapons through its airspace. But the intelligence report was reported to have said Iranian weapons have been flowing into Syria via Iraq in large quantities. Such transfers, the report says, are organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Syrian soldiers raid Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus

The Syrian government and opposition groups said that soldiers have raided a Palestinian refugee camp where Syrians from Damascus and its suburbs have been sheltering. According to the Associated Press, soldiers arrested dozens of people in a sweeping operation.

Syrian TV said an army unit conducted a "special operation" during which about 100 gunmen were captured in the Palestinian refugee camps of Yarmouk and Palestine in Damascus.

The Local Co-ordination Committees activist network reported gunfire and several casualties that accompanied the raid.


Syrian forces bomb village in Hama

Two massive explosions went off around Aleppo today, as Amnesty International accused the Syrian government of carrying out indiscriminate bombings and artillery strikes on residential areas aimed at punishing civilians seen as sympathetic to rebel forces.

Video posted by anti-Assad group Sham News Network, that cannot be independently verified, shows the aftermath of a bomb on a market near Aleppo. Activists say at least 23,000 people have died in the 18-month conflict.


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