Megan thanks for support

Megan Stammers, who ran away to France with her teacher Jeremy Forrest, has thanked her supporters on Twitter in her first message since returning to the UK.

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Police: Four possible sightings of Megan and Jeremy

Megan's stepfather Chris Stammers (L) at a press conference with Sussex Police staff

Chief Inspector Jason Tingley of Sussex Police has said that there were four possible sightings of Megan and Jeremy in France, and a number of unconfirmed reports elsewhere in Europe.

Three of the French sightings were in the south-west of the country.

He said a joint operation between French Police, SOCA and Sussex Police enabled one tip-off to be confirmed. French Police took a lead in locating the pair.


Forrest's parents relieved 'ordeal' is over

Jeremy Forrest's parents - Jim and Julie Forrest - said in a statement they were pleased their son and 15-year-old Megan Stammers had been found safe and well.

This has been an ordeal for all the families concerned.

We would like to thank Sussex and the French police as well as the British media for their assistance.

We are relieved that the search is finally over and everyone can now focus on a safe and secure return for them both.

Key dates in the search for Megan Stammers

  • 21 September: At 12.30pm Megan is reported missing to police. At 9.20pm the 15-year-old and maths teacher Jeremy Forrest travel by ferry from Dover to Calais.
  • 24 September: Police say a friend received a text message apparently from Megan, but not from her phone, saying she had arrived in France.
  • 25 September: A European Arrest warrant is issued for Forrest. East Sussex County Council confirms an investigation was under way into a relationship between teacher and pupil.
  • 27 September: BBC's Crimewatch features an appeal which prompted seven phone calls reporting possible sightings of the pair across Europe.
  • 28 September: Sussex Poice confirm Megan and Forrest have been found "safe and well" in France.
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