BBC's Hamza Queen apology

The BBC has apologised for revealing the Queen raised concerns with ministers about the radical cleric Abu Hamza. Its security correspondent reported that she was upset over the British authorities' inability to arrest him.

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Who is Abu Hamza?

  • The 54-year-old was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and was granted British citizenship in 1986.
  • In February 2006, he was jailed in the UK for seven years for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred.
  • He is wanted in America on 11 charges related to taking 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998, promoting violent jihad in Afghanistan in 2001 and conspiring to set up a jihad training camp in Oregon, America.
  • The American authorities have described him as a "terrorist facilitator with a global reach".

Labour 'glad' about Hamza ruling

Shadow immigration minister Chris Bryant said:

These dangerous men have remained on British soil too long, and I am glad that they will finally face deportation from our shores.

But Labour MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, warned that extradition to the US was "a complicated business".

I welcome the decision on Abu Hamza.

His case has taken far too long to resolve.

However there remain concerns about the Babar Ahmad case and this must not be used as a green light for the Home Secretary to agree to the extradition of Gary McKinnon or Richard O'Dwyer.

However the case of Abu Hamza is clear cut.



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