Britain braced for rain & floods

Potential flooding could hit parts of the UK over the coming days as heavy rain sweep across areas of the country, forecasters said.

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Met Office issues three severe weather warnings

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for Wales, the West Midlands and south-west England. Issuing the yellow warning, which urges people to be prepared, the national forecaster said:

Periods of heavy rain are likely across the southern half of Wales, south-west England and the south-west Midlands from the beginning of Friday until Saturday morning.

It is looking increasingly likely that one area of heavy rain will move through during the small hours of Friday followed by a drier interlude, before further heavy, persistent rain moves eastwards later on Friday into the early hours of Saturday.

However there still remains considerable uncertainty in the details of the heavy rain by late Friday and the warning may be adjusted further as the event approaches. The public should be aware of the possibility of disruption to travel due to localised flooding.

– Met Office

Heavy rain set to sweep across Britain

Britain could be set for further floods in the coming days as heavy rain sweeps across areas of the country, forecasters said.

Commuters with umbrellas make their way across Millennium Bridge in Bristol in September. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Overnight, the south-west of England and Wales have been hit by deluges of 15-20mm, with the wet weather expected to spread further east during this morning before clearing.

Further downpours are expected later this evening and rainfall readings could reach 30mm by tomorrow, according to weather experts.

A severe weather warning of heavy rain has been issued by the Met Office for Wales, the West Midlands and south-west England.

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