Greek protests over Merkel visit

Stones are being thrown at Greek riot police who are firing teargas in return at protesters on the streets of Athens demonstrating against the visit of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel - her first since the euro crisis began.

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Merkel committed to Greece staying in euro but they will need more money

by - Europe Editor

Angela Merkel would have known what to expect when she agreed to visit Greece. She has seen pictures of these protests before, there have been much worse before and today could have been much worse.

She came here to show her new found conviction and commitment to Greece staying in the euro. Ironically, this may have made that slightly harder because for Greece to stay in the single currency they have to turn their economy round and to do that they need yet more money.

They need either another multi-billion pound bailout or more people who are owed money by Greece agreeing to forgive those debts. Whichever route they take, ultimately, the money for that is going to have to come from Germany, it's going to have to be authorised by their parliament.

Their voters would have watched the same pictures in my report and they will not be any more sympathetic and Angela Merkel faces an election for her own job in less than a year.



Teargas fired at protesters in Athens

Greek police are firing teargas at demonstrators throwing stones and petrol bombs in central Athens during protests over a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Police have fired teargas at protesters
Police have fired teargas at protesters

Merkel was meeting Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras only a few hundred metres away from the clashes. Tens of thousands of austerity-weary Greeks took to the streets in one of the biggest protests in months.

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