Cameron: 'Sink or swim' time

The Prime Minister has warned the Conservative Party conference that Britain faces a stark choice in tough economic times: "Sink or swim. Do or decline."

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  1. Tom Bradby

Cameron 'ups game' and speaks with clarity

I don't know how many people were listening to Ed Miliband's speech last week but it seems that one person was - and that's David Cameron. He's significantly upped his game it seemed to me here today.

I've been following him for a pretty long time - I think that was the best speech I've seen him give. Particularly in the sense that I haven't always felt that I actually understood what he was trying to do and what he stood for.

What he did do today was put out a pretty clear argument certainly on the economy, certainly on borrowing. He said in this environment the idea of borrowing more money is simply insane. I think most people here would agree he said it with greater clarity today than he has done before.

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