Cameron: 'Sink or swim' time

The Prime Minister has warned the Conservative Party conference that Britain faces a stark choice in tough economic times: "Sink or swim. Do or decline."

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Economic recovery 'taking longer than we hoped'

David Cameron's address comes on the final day of the Tory Conference
David Cameron's address comes on the final day of the Tory Conference Credit: ITV News

Speaking about the economic recovery David Cameron said: "I know you are asking whether the plan is working.

"And here's the truth: the damage was worse than we thought, and it's taking longer than we hoped.

"The world economy - especially in the Eurozone - has been much weaker than expected in the past two years.

"When some of our big trading partners like Ireland, Spain and Italy are suffering, they buy less from us.

"That hurts our growth and makes it harder to pay off our debts.

"But here is the crucial thing you need to know.

"Yes it's worse than we thought, yes its taking longer, but we are making progress."


Government mission to build 'aspiration nation'

The mission for this government is to build an aspiration nation, to unleash and unlock the promise in all our people. And for us Conservatives, this is not just an economic mission - it's also a moral one. It's not just about growth and GDP. It's what's always made our hearts beat faster - aspiration; people rising from the bottom to the top. Line one, rule one of being a Conservative is that its not where you've come from that counts, it's where you're going.


Labour MPs critical of Cameron speech


Cameron "This is the party of the NHS.". I smell s****... I've yet to meet an NHS employee who agrees. #cpc12

David Cameron brushes aside NHS criticism

David Cameron brushed aside criticism of the way his party had dealt with the NHS. He said:

"We made a big decision to protect the NHS from spending cuts. No other party made that commitment. Not Labour. Not the Liberal Democrats. Just us - the Conservatives.

To all those people who said we'd bring the NHS down… I say… well, yes, you've got a point. I'll tell you what is down. Waiting lists - down. Mixed wards - down. The number of managers - down. Bureaucratic targets - down. Hospital infections - down.

And what's up? The number of doctors, the number of dentists, the number of midwives, the number of operations carried out in our NHS. So be in no doubt, this is the party of the NHS and that's the way it's going to stay."

Delegates listening to the Prime Minister in Birmingham
Delegates listening to the Prime Minister in Birmingham Credit: ITV News


Cameron: Hour of reckoning, 'sink or swim, do or decline'

The Prime Minister began his speech to the Tory Party Conference reflecting on the challenges he faced when taking office, and the difficult decisions that had to be made. David Cameron said:

"Unless we act, unless we take difficult, painful decisions, unless we show determination and imagination, Britain may not be in the future what it has been in the past.

Because the truth is this. We are in a global race today. And that means an hour of reckoning for countries like ours. Sink or swim. Do or decline."

David Cameron addressing the Tory Party Conference
David Cameron addressing the Tory Party Conference Credit: ITV News
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