Burglary laws for householders

Homeowners who use force against burglars will get more protection under Government plans, unless they use "grossly disproportionate" violence, the new Justice Secretary Chris Grayling will say today.

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  1. ITV News Correspondent Romilly Weeks

Justice Sec: 'The law will be on the side of homeowners'

I asked Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to set out the difference between disproportionate and grossly disproportionate in reference to burglars.

He said: "If you react in way that in the cold light of day might seem over the top, the law will still be on your side...

"It is crazy to have system where someone with an avowed hatred of UK uses human rights to avoid deportation. One of my key jobs is to change that."


May: 'Victims to pick criminals' punishment'

Home Secretary Theresa May has said victims of crime will soon be able to decide how offenders responsible for anti-social behaviour will be punished.

Home Secretary Theresa May. Credit: Press Association

Mrs May told the Daily Mail: "One of the big problems for the victims of anti-social behaviour is that they feel powerless. Somebody does something to them or their property and they feel they don’t get reparation, or feel they are not part of the process."

The Mail reports the punishments are likely to include the payment of compensation, repair of damage and cleaning up a public space.

Facebook users welcome homeowner protection laws

ITV News Facebook users have been commenting on government plans to give more protection to homeowners who are confronted by burglars. Join the debate here.

Diane Procter: "Everyone has a right to defend their home and families, whatever it takes to keep people out."

Nick Sanbrooke: "At last! Some common sense!"

Beth Jones: "As a single parent its my job to protect my daughters so if someone broke in my house i will do everything it takes to get them out or stop them!"


QC: New burglary protection law just 'posturing'

John Cooper, a barrister specialising in human rights and criminal law, has tweeted his scepticism about the Justice Secretary's new law to give greater protection to people who use force against burglars:

PM: 'Burglary plans should reassure homeowners'

Speaking about government plans to give homeowners who use force against burglars get more protection, David Cameron has told ITV1's Daybreak people need to know if they do need to protect their home or their family from a burglar they should be able to do that.

Prime Minister David Cameron. Credit: ITV

He added that the uncertainty over the law at the moment is "completely wrong" and he believed people would be "reassured" by the plans. He explained the force used must not be "grossly disproportionate".

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