Runaway teacher returns to UK

Runaway teacher Jeremy Forrest has been extradited to the UK after going on the run with his 15-year-old pupil. The 30-year-old married amateur musician is understood to be at a French airport awaiting a flight.

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Jeremy Forrest lands in UK

Forrest was held in France on suspicion of child abduction before being extradited to Britain. Credit: Police

Runaway teacher Jeremy Forrest was extradited to the UK today after going on the run with a pupil.

The 30-year-old married amateur musician, from Ringmer, near Lewes, East Sussex, now faces questioning by British officers.

At Gatwick Airport in West Sussex this afternoon, Forrest disembarked a flight with a towel covering his head before being taken away in a police van which was waiting on the Tarmac.

Runaway teacher: 'Full story' will emerge

Jeremy Forrest appeared before magistrates in the French city last week.

His UK solicitor Phil Smith has said his client looks forward to the "full story" emerging in the coming months.

He ran away with his teenage pupil in September, sparking a Europe-wide search and prompting public appeals from both sets of families.

The pair were eventually found in Bordeaux, and Forrest was arrested on suspicion of child abduction following the issuing of a European Arrest Warrant.

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