BBC Director quizzed Savile

A senior member of staff at the BBC has revealed he questioned Savile over rumours of abuse more than 20 years ago. Derek Chinnery, who as Radio 1 controller from 1978 to 1985 was Savile's boss, said he spoke to Savile about the rumours.

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BBC Director-General summons reporters for Savile meeting

Dan Sabbagh is the Guardian's head of media and technology:


Incredible late development. BBC Director General summons reporters to 6pm meeting, with one hour's notice to talk Savile.


BBC won't say what George Entwistle will say other than to indicate it will be worth while attending. (Oh, and he's not quitting)

Grant Shapps: 'unimaginable' people in the BBC didn't know about Savile abuse allegations

During an appearance on the BBC1's Question Time, Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps was asked if the BBC's reputation risked being damaged by the Jimmy Savile affair.

He said:

Day by day, it seems unimaginable that the people in the BBC didn't know.

Indeed there was that Newsnight report that was put together but not aired apparently because there was about to be three separate airings of a programme paying tribute to Jimmy Savile's life, so I think there are questions to be answered.

I think the BBC knows there are questions to be answered.

Mr Shapps also said "it can't be right" that Savile remains a Sir following child abuse allegations.

The point about the knighthood, in fact it has expired when someone dies, but of course people still think that the Sir is still there.

I would be in favour of the Forfeiture Committee taking a close look at this because it can't be right that somebody apparently keeps the Sir in front of their name when this is the reality of their life.

BBC to examine emails sent between Director General and Newsnight team over Savile

Ken MacQuarrie is the current Director of BBC Scotland. Credit: BBC

The BBC has confirmed that Ken MacQuarrie has been asked by Director General George Entwistle to look at emails sent between him, when he was Director of BBC Vision, and members of the Newsnight team relating to the investigation into Jimmy Savile that was not aired.

This is not an investigation or inquiry, the BBC said, but merely to establish the facts of the communications between Mr Entwistle and Newsnight.

Ken MacQuarrie has been asked to carry out this task as a member of the executive team at the BBC.


BBC Director General apologises following Savile claims

The BBC Director General has apologised to the women who have made claims against Sir Jimmy Savile.

Speaking on the Today programme George Entwistle said: "I would like to apologise on behalf of the organisation to all the women who have come forward."

BBC Director General George Entwistle. Credit: Press Association

Earlier Mr Entwistle said the BBC would be holding it's own investigation into the claims following the police inquiry.

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