Anger over O2 network issues

Millions of O2 customers were left unable to to make or receive calls or data after after a technical fault struck at around noon. O2 says it has rectified the fault but some customers are still complaining of problems.

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O2: 'Service has been fully restored'

The latest update from O2 was posted on their website at around 1am, saying that service had been 'fully restored'. This morning some customers are still complaining about a lack of service:

Further to our previous update where some customers in some areas were unable to make or receive calls, send texts or use data, service has now been fully restored for all remaining impacted customers.

Our engineers continue to monitor the situation through the night. Customers still experiencing issues should try to power the phone off and on. Once again we’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


Jemima Khan: 'Still no O2 service'

Jemima Khan is one of the O2 customers who are still without service this morning despite claims by the company that service had been resumed by 3.30pm yesterday:

O2 service issues continue

Despite the network claiming that service had been resumed after difficulties yesterday, this morning customers are still complaining if a lack of service:

Will O2 customers be compensated?

Pay-as-you-go customers received £10 extra credit and all O2 customers, including those who weren't affected, received a £10 voucher to spend in its retail stores.


O2 answers questions on technical problems

  • What has gone wrong?

One of our network nodes which help connect and manage traffic, failed at lunchtime today. This meant that a number of our customers have had difficulty connecting to our network to make calls or use data. A fix was found by 3.30pm and since then we have been reconnecting customers systematically.

  • When will service be fully restored?

Some people had their service restored from 3.30pm this afternoon when we began systematically reconnecting affected customers to the network. We are working as quickly as we can to restore service to all our customers.

  • Is this the same fault as the one in July?

No, the cause was different. However, it has had a similar impact on our customers, albeit fewer of them.

O2 network experiencing a 'rush hour'

Around 10% of our customers have been unable to make or receive calls, or use data. The good news? The cause of the fault was identified and fixed this afternoon.

The bad news? Due to high phone use during the “rush hour” early evening period customers may experience intermittent performance as full service comes back for everyone.

We would like to reassure those customers still affected that we are working as hard as we can to restore normal service to everyone.

– o2

Celebrities angered by problems with O2 reception

Even Chris Ranking, the actor who played Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films, couldn't work his magic on the network:

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